How to find your first freelance writing job?


So you are ready to start your first writing job as a freelance writer; how do you find it? Freelance writing jobs are available through lead sites. Such sites will help pair clients with freelance writers through project postings. You may find tips on where to find jobs through blogs and social networking groups for writers. They offer a vast amount of information on what writers need to know when snagging their first project. At Weekly Essay we will be happy to work on your essay. There are a few things to consider when making attempts to get hired for your first writing job.

Have a Resume or Portfolio with Your Best Work

You need a solid approach to potential clients. Before beginning your search for essay writing jobs you should have content that will help you get noticed. You may know where to go to apply for work, but if your writing samples are not strong enough you won’t get noticed by potential clients. Think about your interests and writing strengths. Have a few samples ready to showcase. This is important because many clients will want to know your writing style before hiring.

Good quality samples help clients learn if you will be a good fit for the job. Plus, some projects may require you to have a sample to submit. Your resume should be up to date and you may consider having more than one to make you suitable for a particular job. Your samples should be free of errors and present your best work.

Know Where to Go to Apply for Writing Jobs

There are websites that offer tips and advice on where to go for projects. There are tons of sites to consider but your interests and writing experience will help you narrow your options. Look for sites great for freelance writers. They may offer an assortment of writing jobs such as medical writing, legal writing, editing, proofreading and more. It helps to have knowledge on SEO and keyword usage. This aspect can help you find good opportunities to match your skills.

You can conduct a basic internet search for freelance writing jobs and see what pops up. Take your time reading leads and get to know the website they are posted on. There are sites that offer great opportunities for beginner and advance writers. You can search throughout the site and get an idea of clients and types of jobs available. When you do not have an idea where to seek work, you can get tips from writer’s forums, blogs and social media groups. Make notes on what you observe before you start applying.

Which Jobs are You Interested In and What Is in Demand?

Your interests will help you get familiar with jobs you can apply for right away. But, you need to spend some time getting to know your market. Think about genres you have an interest in and learn about the amount of work available. Some writers may find more work for certain genres at certain times of the year. For others you may get your first job based on what is in demand. If you like reading articles online on certain topics, you may want to start there and work toward getting jobs similar in content. There are times clients want content based on what is trending or controversial. You may need to have a specific set of skills or be able to produce content quickly. Pay attention to what clients want so you can be ready to answer with appropriate content. Have patience when seeking your first job and remember to be versatile and flexible.

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