How to Become a Freelance Fashion Writer: Advice for Newbies

There are different types of freelance writing. One such type is writing for online fashion magazines. A successful fashion writer may earn very good money by selling his or her articles to online publications. If you feel that this is your area of expertise, you should read the tips below and learn how to start a career as a freelance fashion writer.

  1. Be familiar with fashion.
  2. In order to create fashion articles you should know what you are writing about. To understand this topic on a professional level, it’s advisable to learn about the history of fashion or even get a degree in fashion design. Follow fashion trends to keep abreast of the latest developments.

  3. Improve your writing skills.
  4. To work as a freelance fashion writer you should have excellent skills in writing. It’s advisable to get an appropriate degree, of course, but instead you may attend writing courses. Read lots of fashion articles and pay attention to the style in which they are written. This will be your foundation for a career as a freelance fashion writer.

  5. Write your first articles.
  6. You won’t be able to apply for online publications if you don’t have articles that can prove your professional level. You should choose a few decent fashion topics and write articles on them. You should do your best when writing these articles, because they will serve as examples of your work for potential clients. There is no need of trying to sell them to anybody. Their purpose is not to bring you money, but rather to advertise your services.

  7. Make a professional site.
  8. It’s advisable to have your own personal professional website when working as a freelance fashion writer. Write briefly about yourself as well as about your services and specialization. Post your first articles on your site to showcase your work to potential clients. Advertise your site by sharing your articles on your social network accounts. This will help you gain more popularity over a shorter period of time.

  9. Contact online fashion publications.
  10. In the beginning of your career, you’ll have to find clients mostly yourself. Make a list of respectful online fashion magazines for which you’d like to write. Call them on the phone or send letters via email. Learn about each publication before contacting with them to show that you’re familiar with their work and would like to make your own contribution to it. Don’t be afraid to be rejected; sooner or later you’ll get your first job orders.

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