Freelance Writing Tutorial: 5 Tips For Those Who Want To Work From Home

Working from home sounds like a dream, but there are always negatives associated with it. From learning how to focus to boredom, writers may find it hard to create a productive work environment. Individuals who want to work from home should use the following tips to ensure the success of their new career choice.

Get Organized

At home, the writer will not have a boss or co-worker leering over their shoulder. It is up to the writer to track deadlines, projects and invoices. For the writer to earn money, they must be able to manage the business side of freelance work. In addition, they should keep a schedule so that they do not accidentally commit to an unreasonable number of projects.

Staying Focused

At home, writers must develop their own motivation and focus. It is extremely easy to be distracted by watching television or walking the dog. For the writer to make a decent hourly wage, they have to start writing and remain focused. Time management is one of the most useful skills for a freelancer.

Create a Backup Plan

There will be busy and slow times of the year for even the best writers. Learning how to handle these time periods is a must-have skill set. This backup plan could include enrolling at a content mill that offers continuous work, setting up a holiday retail job or saving money. In general, writers should plan on saving about 20 percent or more of their earnings. By having a decent savings account, writers can ensure that they still have money during the lean times.

Develop a Workspace

If a freelance writer does not take their work seriously, no one else will. To demonstrate professionalism and commitment, writers should set aside a portion of their home entirely to writing. Within this office space, they should remove any distractions. Notepads, pens and flash drives should be placed in the room so that the writer can easily access them.

Take Breaks

Ironically, hard workers often work past break time or skip their breaks entirely. This technique will actually backfire. Five minutes of stretching every hour helps the writer to increase their focus levels and alertness. In addition to breaking up the workday, this technique will actually help the writer to get more work done. For the best results, the writer should leave the room and turn off their e-mail. If they still read business messages during this time, then it does not count as an actual break.

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