A Guide For Teenage Freelance Writers: How To Make A Good Start

Many teenagers consider writing to be a chore. It’s either boring or for a homework assignment that keeps them away from what they really want to be doing. But what about you? You’re not like those people, never have been! You love writing and possibly want to make a career of it one day. So, what if you could start now and make a couple of bucks doing it? Instead of grabbing that shift at the grocery store or greasy burger joint, you can work from the comfort of your own room as a freelance writer!

Here are a few tips to get off on the right foot.

  • Prepare, Prepare, Prepare!
  • Just like any school assignment, you should make sure that you prepare yourself ahead of time. Try to practice writing some stuff to develop your own style, or “voice”. You can then use some of this preparation as samples. Also, make sure you ask your parents first so that they know why you are spending even more time holed up in your room!

  • Sell yourself as a good writer.
  • As long as you have a great grasp of the English language and good writing skills, you can easily write on the internet! You may be hired to write or produce content for websites, write blog entries or write and produce marketing material. To get the jobs, you’ll have to sell yourself as a good person to have on the team. First, you can sign up for websites and services that connect writers with jobs. Then, show them those practice samples from before. Tell them that as a teen you are more valuable because you can write to your own age group. Most adults are pretty clueless when it comes to what kids are into, and those hiring you will know that. Let them know that you can write that stuff well and fast.

  • Know what to expect.
  • If you can dedicate a few hours a night, you may be able to earn 7-30 dollars a day! A week comes out to $50 to $200 or $200 to $800 a month. To a teen that’s the perfect spending money and can become a real motivator to work more. Believe it or not, you also have a lot more free time to finish these assignments than the average adult, and that can make you look like a real go-getter. And there’s no hair net to wear!

  • Self-discipline is key.
  • In this line of work, only you are responsible for getting the work done. If something is due in 24 hours, its due in 24 hours, otherwise you’re off the job. You have to know that you have this discipline within yourself before you start, or it could get ugly.

If you follow all of this advice, you can really go places being a freelance writer on the Internet.

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