Freelance Copywriting Rates: 5 Things To Remember

  1. The first thing you should keep in mind is the skill set you are pursuing. You need to determine the certain skill you want to sell to your clients. Make sure to excel in that field which is your specialty. If you have a professional degree or experience in a skill, you need to make it your major skill. This is a good way to earn trust of clients and work on better-paid jobs. The rate for a task depends directly on the years of experience you have in that field and your qualification level.
  2. Another important thing while setting your rates is to determine whether you will charge a standard price for each word to all your clients or set different pricing packages for different kinds of jobs. For example, you can categorize your tasks to basic, technical, professional. A basic task may not involve research and can be simple copywriting. A technical task will require certain technical skills so it will have a higher rate. A professional task will involve research, writing and editing. This will be the most expensive in terms of rate.
  3. You need to know the competition you have in the market or industry. Determine what other freelance writers are charging for the same level of work and efforts. This will help you get an idea of the prevalent market price for your skills. You can consider different freelancers and take out an average to set your price. You can set your rates above or below the average rate depending upon the demand for your skills.
  4. One very critical thing in setting your rates is the client budget. Some clients are small startups and cannot pay very high for a certain writing task. However, they may be looking for a long term relation with a reliable freelancer and pay you higher when their business grows and starts generating revenue. You can offer them a favor by charging lower and expect them to stick with you in the end. However, you should not ask for a price lower than the worth your efforts involved in writing this paper.
  5. Lastly, you need to set your rates according to your experience and reputation. If you are freelancer in the beginning of your career then people will not pay you very high. However, as time passes you can increase your rates.

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