Getting Well-Paid Football Freelance Writing Jobs On The Web

It may be easier to get freelance writing work these days than at any other time, seeing as the explosion of the internet has created many new opportunities.

Freelancing doesn’t suit everybody, but it certainly has its benefits. Being self-employed, you’ll manage your own time, but you won’t be able to rely on a regular income (at least at first), but the more you become experienced, the more lucrative work will come your way.

Where do I get started?

So, you want to write about football? Well, if that’s the case, it’s likely you’ll have other sports interests too, so a good place to start would be sports journalism. The more work you can pick up at the beginning of your career, the better. So if you can broaden your chosen field, it’ll do wonders for taking the steps up the ladder.

The more experience you get, the more you will gain returning clients, be recommended and be able to secure better paid work in a field of expertize. But we’re not off the starter blocks yet, so: get that experience! There are plenty of online magazines, blogs, journals etc. that need writers. Find a list of all the different ones and look on their websites to find their submission requirements. It’s then a simple matter of submitting your work until you get a biter!

You can also find freelancer platforms where you can look for positions posted by clients and post yourself for work wanted.

Getting experience isn’t just about getting paid work. In this field, it all comes down to your writing. The better ability you have, the more likely you’ll be hired. If you want to be a football journalist, then go to the games and write up your own reports. Sure, you can send these off and use them as examples of your work, but the most important thing is you learn how to hone your craft of writing.

It would most certainly be beneficial to do a course- which would polish your craft, aid you in support and point you in the right direction for the work you wish to get.

Get yourself out there!

The more you promote yourself, the more work will come. Get yourself out there on the internet. Set up profiles on all of the professional sites, get involved with social media, make connections, create your own website…

The more time you spend on all of the above, the more guaranteed you are to be able to move swiftly up that ladder and achieve a high earning career.

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