Tips For A Freelancer Writer: A Website As Your Business Card

One of the best ways to grow your business as a freelance writer is by using great marketing strategies. One such strategy involves creating a website which you can use to provide potential clients with your profile, your portfolio, client reviews, rates, and contact information. In a sense a professional website can serve as a virtual business card. Here are some great tips for developing an online presence by creating a great website:

  • Create Your Profile
  • The first step in maximizing the potential of an online business card is create a professional profile that highlights your unique set of skills. When it comes to writing, you want to let your clients know what you specialize in. Some writers work great creating content for web pages while others prefer to work exclusively on blogs or articles. Mention your experience and be clear about what jobs you are willing to take on.

  • Create a Portfolio
  • When you’re first starting you may not have as many examples of your work to display, but don’t miss the opportunity to show off a little. Look for any examples you can use then update your portfolio as new material becomes available. Try to use only your best works since an example that is filled with errors or is ordinary may cause more harm than good for your career. Be stingy when selecting but be sure to put in the effort.

  • List Client Reviews
  • Often when you shop for products or services you find that checking customer reviews is extremely helpful in your decision making process. The same is true when you start a career as a freelance writer. It’s absolutely important to highlight some of your best reviews, since these can certainly be regarded as deciding factors when it comes to landing new clients. If a past client doesn’t provide you with a review kindly ask for one; they are extremely helpful.

  • Show Your Rates and Promotions
  • Let your potential clients know how much you charge for certain services. Being clear from the start will help you avoid any unpleasant contracts or disagreements. You can always negotiate rates before a contract is finalized but it’s a good idea to let potential clients know what you are willing to charge up front.

  • Include All of Your Contact Information
  • Since your website will be the primary form of attracting new business, you should make sure that you include how you can be reached as well as the best times to do so. Your initial contact with w potential client might be via email, but a phone call might soon be in order so be sure you state how you prefer to communicate.

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