Best Places To Find Freelance Writing Jobs For Students

It may be difficult for students to earn extra cash for their needs. There are not many part-time job offers with flexible schedules (after all, you should attend your classes and do your homework) and decent salaries to choose from. However, if you like writing and do it rather well, consider combining your student life with doing some freelance writing assignments. It may be tough to find your first well-paying jobs in this field, however, not impossible. Here is a list of the best places where you may push your luck and try to find a gig that perfectly suits your needs.

  • Content mills.
  • Make an attempt as a freelancer writing on content mills. These are great places for beginning writers. However, don’t stay there for too long, because there is a high risk of burning out. To start getting fresh orders, you should register in a content mill and write a sample article. Your article will be assessed, and you will get your rating. Only afterwards you will get access to a variety of orders in different fields. Your salary will depend on your rating and on the mill itself. Therefore, try to find a reputable and well-paying content mill by looking for feedback on the Internet.

  • Freelance writing job boards.
  • There are many great job offers listed there, and even students can find suitable openings. Apply for the advertisements that are interesting and detailed. Remember to check if the client is reputable by browsing the Web. Pay attention to the payment terms (per hour or per article) and look for the permanent positions. If the terms of work sound like reliable, submit your application. Don’t get disappointed if you get no answer. It often happens that you should knock on every door to find a good writing job.

  • Online communities and forums for freelance writers.
  • You may not even suspect how many hidden opportunities can be prompted by more experienced freelance writers. Register in several writers’ forums, look through the posts, and even ask for advice. Collaboration is a common practice in the writing industry. The other writers will not only hint on where to seek for good openings, but they may also share some promising job leads with you, or even outsource part of their work to you.

Be persistent, don’t give up, and you will definitely find a good job. With more experience in the field, it will be much easier to convince potential clients that you are not just a student, but a responsible and quality writer.

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