What Are The Average Freelance Writing Rates Per Word?

When you work as a freelance writer you will be in a situation where you are direct competition with other individuals who are employed as writers. For this reason it is a good idea to know what the average freelancing writing rates per word are. Knowing what your fellow freelancers are charging will help you determine what to charge for your own writing. It will also allow you to figure out how much you can make per hour working as writer online. Lastly, having a sense of what the average rates are will also allow you to write better applications and pitches in order to land more desirable jobs.

Know what the others are charging

It is very important for freelance writers to pay attention and know what the other writers are charging for similar work. By similar work we are talking about quality as well as word count. More experienced writers tend to charge more while writers who are just starting out have to underbid on work in order to land jobs. “Average” freelance writers are individuals who are well into their careers and have enough experience to charge a mid-level rate. You will want to know what writers at all levels are changing in order to decide what your price should be.

Determine Your Efficiency

One thing that is important to think about when deciding what your average freelance writing rates should be is your efficiency. This is based on how long it takes you to write so many words and how much you charge for your writing. For example if you can write 1000 words an hour and want to make a min wage of 13.00 an hour your rate should be $13 per 1000 words. Hopefully, that makes sense.

For comparison rate the average amount that a freelance writer makes per hour is around $21 dollars. This should give you a good starting place to determine your price. Remember, depending on your writing experience you should adjust your rate accordingly. Don’t underbid yourself. You want to try to make a living wage.

At the end of the day freelancing successfully is all about writing a great pitch and offering a competitive price. If you can master these two things then you should have no problem working as a freelance writer for the long haul.

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