Freelance Writing Jobs: 5 Simple Steps To A Higher Salary

When you are first starting out and trying to make a name for yourself as a freelance writer, it is highly unlikely that you will be rolling in the dough right out of the gate. The jobs that pay the best rates per hour are usually only willing to hire writers that have an experienced portfolio behind them. Getting a hold of a job that is capable of paying your bills on a monthly basis right away is almost unheard of. While you may have to suck up some of the low paying jobs until you have a decent resume to show around, there are some ways to ensure that you aren't working for peanuts.

  1. Look in a pond not the ocean:
  2. If you have been spending your time trying to find jobs on huge job search sites, so are 15,000 other freelance writers. Narrow your pool down to the smaller niche type of job sites that many writers do not pay any attention to. Your chances of being hired increase drastically when you are not competing against 14,999 other people.

  3. Listen to the gossip mill:
  4. Other writers can be your best source of information on where to go and where to avoid at all costs. The scoop gets around quickly, especially on companies who pay their freelance writers really well and also on ones that are in no hurry to cut you a check.

  5. Think big if you want to be big:
  6. In order for you to make the big money you need to know who is offering it. Do some research on some of the companies that you want to write for. Get information on the rates that they pay for submissions and if you feel that they are not offering enough move on to the next one on your list.

  7. Consider recurring gigs:
  8. Jobs that are frequent can often add up to better money than the once in a while kind. For example, if you have one offer at $15 an hour for a 2 hour task every couple of days, and the second offer is for $3 per 500 words with as many assignments as you can handle, doing the math is simple.

  9. Hourly or flat rate?:
  10. The only one who can answer this question is you. It all depends on how quickly you can write. Fast writers do better charging flat rates while those who are slower report higher incomes by the hour.

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