Freelance Writing Tips: Creating A Resume That Can Help You Get A Job

In the freelancing world, maybe one of the most important things that will represent you is a resume. You need to present it constantly to new clients therefore it needs to be really convincing. Maybe on the job market a superficial one where you’ve wrote your education is enough, but not when it comes to attract clients for freelancing. Here are some tips that can help you create a great C.V:

  • Make sure you have a short, but informative description. Before stating your qualifications, write a few lines about you, your career, the services that you offer and what are your skills. Keep it simple but really engaging, the client does not have to be bored while reading it. On the other hand, try to avoid talking about your education here; you have time for this later.
  • Your qualifications. You need to present in an efficient way your education and qualifications. Do not make just a simple list with every school you’ve ever attended; add some information, maybe the courses you took there or the achievements that you had.
  • Make a portfolio. As a freelancer, your portfolio must always accompany your resume. Make sure you contain samples from all niches, completely grammatically correct and error free. A few grammar mistakes will be enough for a client to refuse to hire you; nobody will pay for mistakes.
  • Be honest. You might be tempted at some point to introduce in your resume more skills than you actually have, thinking that you can handle the job. The chances are that if you did not get these skills until now, you will not develop them in time for this job and you will end up delivering to your client a bad result.
  • Mention your fare. This might be unusual for a normal resume, but in the freelancing world this will be one of the first things that will matter for a client. Write your hourly rate and your price per words. Also, mention if the fare is negotiable when it comes to bigger projects.
  • Provide some references. Some references from your own clients can really make the difference in your resume. Good recommendations can really make a client hire you even if the rest of your resume did not convince him. In the world of freelancing feedback is a powerful tool and if you use it right, you can get clients in no time!

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