Freelance Writing Fundamentals: Composing Your Resume

Being a freelance writer is a great way to earn money, but you need to have a good starting place in order to get the best jobs. It can be hard in the beginning if you have very little experience. While things are done differently on different freelancing websites, this article will explain the general tips you need to follow to succeed. Just make sure you check with the rules of the site you are working on, in case anything is different or more specific.

  • How to start your freelance writing resume
  • It’s best to set up your profile and begin applying for jobs in the same day. Some sites will have you go through a little quiz of how well you know their terms for working and payment before you can do any work. It’s best to do that on the same day so you don’t forget anything. After you’ve done a few writing gigs, you’ll have everything memorized.

    Your resume will likely include a description of your skills and writing interests, as well as any past experience. This isn’t the same as a resume you’d give to a company wanting to hire you. This kind of resume only states any degrees you have, any writing you’ve done for companies before, any writing you’ve done online before, and what your best strengths are. You won’t need references or your address and phone number, because everything is done online and you’re only measured by your writing skill.

  • Beginner tips for freelance writing
  • With resume in hand, first starting out writing online can be overwhelming. You should probably approach smaller scale, lesser paying jobs at first for these reasons:

    • People looking to hire someone usually want experience, but for a small job you can often be accepted by writing a great proposal and then using that first job for experience for other jobs
    • You might not get paid much, but it’s worth having the history on your profile as well as a positive rating—make sure to over deliver on your first few jobs to get great feedback
    • After getting your name out there a bit, you could start getting invited to jobs where a client is specifically interested in hiring you over others

It takes about 6 months to get enough history and feedback. Be patient and keep working, because your portfolio will grow as well as your skills, and then you can approach higher paying jobs.

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