How To Get Paid For Writing Articles: Hints For Freelancers

There are hundreds of thousands of job opportunities both online and in-print for freelancers to get paid for writing articles. It’s a highly-skilled profession which can pay extremely well, assuming you’ve taken the proper steps to develop your craft and have made the right connections to find the most rewarding projects. Here are some hints for freelancers who are trying to get into this lucrative field:

Conduct a Simple Keyword Search

If you simply use “freelance article writer” as search term you will find links to several sites that bring together writing opportunities for writers across a number of fields. This is a great place to find short-term projects to either pad your weekly earnings or to provide you with some experience in the freelancing process. Check these often until you get the hang of finding opportunities on your own.

Find Your Niche and Prepare Samples

As a writer, you should realize that you have your strong and weak qualities. You will also know that there are some niche subjects where you’ve had great success and others in which you would likely struggle. Identify your niche and prepare some samples of your work to attract clients and optimize your bid proposals. It won’t do you good to apply for a job in biology writing if your expertise is in music writing.

Create a Profile and Portfolio

A really good way of building momentum when you are just getting started is to create a profile and portfolio you can direct your potential clients to and broadcast through other forms so that opportunities come to you when they become available. Try a couple of freelancing sites that offer simple ways of creating a profile and uploading your best content for people to browse through. Communicate these profiles by including links in all of your social networking websites. Update these frequently so that you are always showing your best and most current content.

Start by Writing Academic Papers

Generally, most people getting into this field have extensive experience in academia – having written their own essays for several years and likely having assisted in composing papers for others. Why not make some money using your talents? You can connect with a great writing service on the internet that provides all types of written content for clients from around the world. Contact them about starting out as one of their expert academic writers and get your freelancing career off the ground.

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