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A propos de cet employeur : MOBYLLA
MOBYLLA Company Profile

MOBYLLA is the leading expert in enterprise mobility solutions. We are recognized for the high level of performance in delivering enterprise mobile solutions and services to different sectors such as financial services, telecommunications, manufacturing, government and many others.
We deliver state of the art, vendor-agnostic solutions in enterprise Mobile Office and Workforce solutions, Mobile Device and Data Management and Mobile Security, fully compatible with most of the industry platforms, networks and devices.
We have an extensive expertise in new systems implementation and applications development for the enterprise resources mobilization.
By adopting MOBYLLA's solutions, companies can manage large volume of data, users and devices; analyze real-time information; take advantage from full reporting ; and mobilize seamlessly and securely their enterprise. As a result the enterprise boosts its productivity and at the same time significantly reduces its costs!
Our portfolio:
- Mobile Office Solutions Suite
- Mobile CRM
- Mobile Workflow
- Mobile Security (Anti-Virus, VPN, Certificates …)
- Mobile Data/Device Management
- Mobile Business Strategy, Consulting
- Mobile Applications Development, Customization
- Mobile Smart Forms
MOBYLLA is present in the United Kingdom, Belgium and Greece.
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