7 Gold Mines For Freelance Writers: Finding A Job That Pays

Are you worried you’ll never make it as a freelance writer? Want to work from home and make the money you need to support your family and maintain your lifestyle? Want to travel and do things you never could before? There are many online opportunities for good freelance writers; you just need to find them.

Whether you’re a freelance writer just starting out, or you have lots of online experience but you just can’t connect with good-paying jobs, keep reading for 7 gold mines. These will help you get back on track with your dream of making a living with what you do best – writing.

  1. Don’t sell yourself short. Settling for a writing job that pays peanuts isn’t worth your time or the small amount of money you earn. Instead of looking on giant sites that cater to free ads, look on smaller niche job boards. The quality of the jobs and the increased pay is well worth the effort to peruse these job boards.
  2. Contact blogs directly. Find a blog with posts in the exact niche you love writing for? Write up a trial post and contact them with your sample. This is a great way to get directly hired in the genre you love.
  3. Think big and look for permanent writing positions rather than going from gig to gig. You can do this by going to networking events for local writers. You can find alerts online that will keep you informed of when and where these events take place.
  4. Find a market that pays well. For example, writing for the weight loss industry is likely to be a gold mine compared to writing for an obscure niche with very little competition or traffic.
  5. Scout out for companies with a large annual revenue. Almost every large company needs a crew of good writers. The best pay is usually from those with revenue in the multiple millions.
  6. Find a company that sells a valuable service or a physical product. It’s inevitable they work with a group of writers.
  7. Network through some of the popular social media sites online to find writing prospects. Make a profile at these sites and then start making connections with other individuals and businesses that are potential clients. Even if they aren’t potential employees, they may have connections that are. Expand your circles as wide as possible.

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