Where To Start Looking For A Freelance Writing Position: Good Advice

Becoming a freelance writer is not as easy you have believed it to be. It is one of the few professions where you have complete freedom and you can make your schedule. But due to this there is immense completion and getting a good job requires lot of hard work. You will have to be patient and keep working till you land yourself a well paying gig.

Moving up in your game

The first thing you will have to work on is a good portfolio. Without the proper portfolio you will not get the right clients. If you do not have high paying clients you will not make much at the end of the month. The trick is looking for gigs at the right place. Once you get yourself a high paying job you will have enough experience to get better rates and also be able to negotiate with your clients. Here are a few steps you can take to start looking for high paying gigs.

Places to look for better freelancing jobs:

  • There are quite a few internet web portals where you can apply for freelance jobs. Here the competition is fierce and you will not land jobs immediately after joining. However if you keep at it, you will get good recommendations and ratings. A writer with higher rating is more likely to get a job than a writer with low ratings. So once you have successfully completed a few assignments you can start bidding for the gigs with a high payment.

  • Raise your ante. The best way to get better payment is by producing better quality articles. If you are a good writer and the client knows it, you can always bargain to get better rates.

  • Contact some of the local magazines and news paper agencies to know if they can publish some of your works. These are much better paying than some of the jobs you will find across the internet. You will have to send in your samples and ask them the kind of stuff they are more likely to print.

  • There are various blogs and websites where articles are published. You will have to actively market yourself to get their attention. Send in your samples and be persistent in your efforts. If they notice the potential of your work you are sure to get employed.

Freelance Hints

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