How Much Should You Charge For Freelance Copywriting: 5 Useful Tips

In case you are just starting out as a freelance copywriter, the first question that comes to mind is how much should you charge for freelance copywriting services. Setting a price for copywriting services is always a challenge for a new entrant, and it’s very easy to either charge too high or too low. Here are 5 useful tips to help you make a decision on how to price your services.

Determine Your Income Goals

Before you can decide on how much you should charge for freelance copywriting services, it’s important to first consider your income goals. Some important factors to consider when determining your income goals include rent, taxes, food, and utilities. You need to first determine your monthly business and personal expenses to come up with a base amount that you must make to ensure your business is running.

Consider your Target Market

If you are going to do business with small and medium sized enterprises, you need to adjust your expectations on how much you are going to charge for the services. Small businesses have smaller budgets, and do not expect such businesses to spend as much as large enterprises. However, if you are going to serve a specialty niche market, you can easily charge more money.

Consider Your Level of Experience

One reality you have to deal with as a new freelance copywriter is that your rates have to reflect your level of experience. Do not expect to start out charging a huge amount, no matter how many articles promise “huge returns” within a few months. After you have demonstrated some tangible results in the form of high rankings, happy testimonials from clients, and case studies, you will be able to charge your target clients more money.

Consider What other Copywriters are Charging

Knowing what other copywriters are charging is always important when deciding how much should you charge for freelance copywriting services. This is one of the 5 useful tips that is also tricky because while some competitors will be willing to share pricing information, others will consider this to be competitive information. Alternatively, clients are often glad to reveal what other writers have previously charged.

Hourly Pricing or Per Page Pricing

When deciding how much should you charge for freelance copywriting, consider setting an hourly rate where suitable, or per page pricing. However hourly pricing has two disadvantages. The faster and better you write, the less money you will be making. Secondly, hourly pricing does not showcase the value of your services because clients do not know how much work you put into writing one page. Clients will often ask you to spend an hour or less in order to save money. The best approach to showcase the value of your service is per page pricing.

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