Top 5 Well-Paying Freelance Writing Jobs You Should Consider

  1. Writing articles for local publications and magazines
  2. A good way of getting experience, as well as well-paying freelance writing jobs, is to contact local publications and magazines and see whether or not they require any articles written. It can be good idea to have an idea in mind, as well as formulating a proposal that you send them. Generally, the pay for the work can be quite reasonable with such jobs; however, it may require you to send out numerous proposals, in the expectation of many rejections.

  3. Having articles published in national publications
  4. It is possible that you could look a step up from local magazines and publications, and look to see whether you can have articles published in national publications. These are likely to offer more money than smaller local magazines and newspapers; however, the competition will be far fiercer, and such publications may require you to have a vast amount of experience in the first place.

  5. Approaching trade magazines about writing possibilities
  6. As well as general magazines and newspapers for the public, another great source of writing jobs is to look for trade magazines. This is particularly useful if you specialise in a niche already; however, it is possible to carry out research to learn and improve your knowledge of the trade that you wish to write about. With potentially hundreds if not thousands of trade magazines published every year, there are many different things that you can choose from, and if you can turn the work into regular writing gigs then it can prove to be very lucrative indeed.

  7. Self-publishing eBooks
  8. These days, many budding authors turn to self-publishing websites, as opposed to traditional publishing means. In fact, it has never been easier to get your work published these days, thanks to these self-publishing websites, and it is possible to write eBooks in either fiction or non-fiction, depending on what you want to specialise in. As long as you pick a good niche or genre to write in, and your writing and marketing skills are good enough, it is possible to make a reasonable living this way. In fact, if you get lucky you can even make a huge amount of money.

  9. Sourcing work through freelance websites
  10. One final way of finding writing jobs is to look through the many freelance websites on the Internet. Although many of the jobs are low paying, it is possible to find some good quality clients providing well-paid work.

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