How to Get a Freelance Commercials Writing Job: an Easy Guide for Newbies 

Writing commercials is an interesting, profitable, and constantly developing industry. All of the TV and radio advertisements that you watch and listen to daily have been created by commercial writers, or copywriters, who are predominantly freelancers. To promote a certain product or service and make customers want to buy it, a selling “copy” or text should be created. This is the sphere where you may push your luck, especially if you love to play with words. It is okay if you have no previous experience in the field. There are lots of books and courses that can teach you how to create commercials and get your first freelance writing job. The following simple guidelines may also be helpful for those new to the industry.

Preparation stage:

  • Learn by example.
  • Pay close attention to all of the commercials you come across. Are they successful? Are you interested, as a buyer, in the product? If not, what should be changed? Make your corrections. Be sure to save these samples for future reference. In the same way, analyze all of the sales letters, brochures, and other types of “junk mail” you receive.

  • Do some work on a voluntary basis.
  • Those new to the field should gain some experience before starting to look for paid jobs. Write several advertisements for nonprofit organizations or charities. They will also serve as good samples for your future clients.

  • Create your website.
  • Your personal website will perfectly advertise your services. Describe your experience. Add your samples. Include your contact details. If you include the tag words “copywriter” and “commercial writer” in your website content, potential customers will easily locate you by means of a simple online search.

  • Get useful books.
  • Read useful tutorials. Be sure to have a thesaurus and dictionary. These books will help you find powerful and catchy words to improve your advertisements.

Getting-the-job stage:

  • Browse freelance work websites.
  • Regularly look through the job listings in the sphere of creating commercials. Create your profile and bid on jobs that look promising.

  • Utilize social networking.
  • Your profiles on different social networks will serve as perfect advertisements of your freelance writing services.

  • Contact potential clients directly.

You can either send query letters or do cold calls. In both cases, you should prepare a kind of scenario that will help you present your freelance writing services in the best light. Contact all promising clients you can find. Don’t choose only big companies. Small organizations need good copywriting services as well. Provide them with your samples. It is likely that you will receive a positive response from one of the companies soon and get your first freelance job writing commercials.

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