Freelance Grant Writing: How Much You Should Be Paid Per Word

Freelance content writing is the most recent and lucrative job opportunity found these days. It is one such medium of earning money which is very easy and can be simply earned by staying home.

The common characteristics for a good freelancer are:

  • A strong and stable work ethic
  • Beneficial access to source
  • Easy worker
  • Kind
  • Good writing skills
  • Attentive to details
  • Good knowledge about audience
  • Ability to involve keywords
  • Ability to write content as assigned
  • Having curiosity

The most difficult task in a freelancing job is the determination of the wage rate. If one has switched from a normal job to a freelancing type, then he may be used to pay cheques and monthly payments. But in the job of freelancing, rates are fixed according to the word or hours.

When it comes to determining the rates, it is a difficult task as it is not an individual decision. It is a decision taken by mutual agreement between the writer and the company. If the writer has to support himself entirely by this work, then he has to quote fairly higher charges. And if he is just breaking in for a while, then he can ask for a lower reasonable amount.

Factors for quoting rates:

  • Time spent - the time spent in writing is a major determinant for fixing the rates. It involves the number of hours spent in research, writing, editing and related work.
  • Reputation - quoting rates also depends on which market one is writing for. Some markets can pay less, but offer rewards which add to the recognition and reputation. It is better to get less from a market which would put your name in front of thousands of readers.
  • Experience - some writers also believe that they should be paid according to the experience they possess.

How much one should be paid per word?

According to the current market conditions, fair rates given by firms to freelancers are approximately in the range of 1 cent per word. This is the minimum rate one should accept. The upper limit can go higher depending upon the writer and the firm.

The bottom line for this kind of a job is that many factors can influence the credibility of a writer, and money is just one of them. By studying the factors carefully, one can set the rates he desires.

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