How To Get Paid For Writing Articles: Useful Advice For Freelancers

If you are thinking about making money by writing articles as a freelancer, you need to keep in mind several useful pieces of advice.

  1. Determine your writing abilities.
  2. There are several types of freelance writing you can practice. The simplest one is called rewriting. You need to choose a relevant existing article, rewrite it, using your own words and word combinations, but retaining the initial idea of the text. Copywriting is another method that means writing articles from scratch. It’s more complicated for beginners. SEO articles have their own peculiarities like location of keywords, their number and so on.

  3. Find a place where you can sell your articles.
  4. There are special marketplaces on the Internet, which are suitable for both freelancers and customers who post their orders at such resources. When you find such a marketplace and get registered, give attention to your profile. Use trustworthy information in your profile, because such accounts seem to be much more reliable to customers. If the marketplace that you are using has tests that determine your professional quality, take advantage of them. Results of such tests in your profile will give customers a clear idea of your abilities. Before you undertake a task, let your customer know that you are a specialist in the area that is related to the topic of the texts (works only if you are a specialist in reality).

  5. Set reasonable prices.
  6. If you are an inexperienced freelancer and set huge prices for your articles, no one will ever buy them. On the contrary, if a professional writer with a good reputation and big experience wants a lot of money for an article, customers will not hesitate. So, if you want to make money effectively, try earning a little, selling your articles at moderate prices. Eventually, as you grow your reputation, you will find that your articles will become more and more valuable and cost effective for you.

  7. Keep on learning and moving forward.
  8. If you see that your first articles are no longer selling, that’s no reason to feel upset. Keep on perfecting your skills, read relevant tutorials, and try some training courses. All this will help you improve your skills and abilities and earn much more money for your texts. Even if there is no big success in the beginning, you should not give up. Instead, be patient and know that you can look forward to future achievements.

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