What Freelance Writing For Beginners Is: Basic Tutorial

There are few professions that are as misunderstood as freelancing. This is especially true for writers. Anyone who is at least partially literate can in theory try to break into the industry and some even succeed. They enter with hopes of making large sums of money for their work from the first day and almost every one of them walks away empty handed and disappointed. If you intend to give it a try and want an honest idea of what the job entails read on:

  1. Writing sample pieces
  2. The creation of sample pieces will help you to get jobs. If you are brand new, no one knows who you are and they have no evidence of what you are capable of. The only way to show what you can do is to create pieces that can be compiled into a portfolio. Make them exceptional so that they attract people to you.

  3. Bidding for jobs
  4. As you begin to look for jobs you will need to sign up with a freelancing website. There are several of these online and a few have even joined forces to create a single bigger company. They provide a great platform for finding work. Some have more opportunities for advancement than others so be wary of this.

  5. Building relationships with good clients
  6. Once you have done work for a client that they are impressed by they are likely to seek you out again in the future. If you have a desire to continue this you can start forming a relationship where you can depend on them for regular work and they can depend on you to be consistent with your quality. Respecting non disclosure agreements is also part of this process.

  7. Avoiding bad clients
  8. Just as you will come across great clients who you want to work with frequently, you will also meet up with bad ones who will make you feel like quitting. You may be able to avoid these bad eggs by looking at reviews before you take on any job. There are some that will slip through the cracks but you can lower your risks.

  9. Slowly increasing the hourly rate
  10. You should show better and better quality with every task you take on. If you manage to do this, you will be able to slowly increase the hourly rate that you charge. This can take you from the amateur level to a more professional level.

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