Working From Home: How To Boost Your Freelance Writing Skills

Working from home might seem easy but it is quite challenging especially if it is your first time. Those who had been previously working in the corporate world might even get stressed with the change. Despite that, there are some tips on how to work effectively from home.

Setting up is crucial. You need to define your work and home space. The work space should be far from distracting spaces such as living room and kitchen. The study room might be a suitable option.

Building a blog or website to post your content and get feedback is another way to work effectively from home. It is through your blog or website that people will see your work and depending on how you’ve done it, might acknowledge or shun it away. However, most of the work is unto you as you are the one who decides what gets posted and what doesn’t, so choose wisely.

Next on the list is opening a social media account. Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn and others are among those that you can create. Since millions of users access social media, it will be a great platform for you to showcase your work and get people interested in it. Especially with freelance writing, you can create a huge and strong network of clients by being actively engaged on social media.

One can also search for contractor sites to get work from there. Sites such as Elance, Guru, Craigslist, Freelancer and others have platforms for budding freelance writers. You simply log in to their sites using your computer, laptop or tablet. Sign-up in order to access content on their site and since you wish to be a freelance writer, you simply list yourself in the “seeking work” category. Thereafter, it is your hardwork and determination that will earn you those freelance contracts. And depending on how good you become, you start getting referrals and before you know it, you are a professional freelance writer.

Maintaining a regular schedule is also an effective way to work from home since you will do things at an allocated time. Taking regular breaks is inclusive in that schedule. Working overtime with no breaks will result in mental breakdown, fatigue and exhaustion.

Lastly, stay connected. Despite working from home, you still need to engage with the outside world. Go for coffee with your friend, take a walk with your dog, if you have one or visit the zoo. This way you’ll still know what is going on with the rest of the world and at the same time maintaining your distance.

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