7 Career Advancement Tips For Freelance Education Writers

What is freelancing?

Freelance by definition means working for your own without any permanent employer or long-term contracts. The top careers in freelancing are writing, designing, editing, consultancy, web development, planning, and event managing. Even though many people believe that freelancing industry got a boom with the advent of internet but it existed before that. Famous authors like Mark Twain and Stephen King started their careers as a freelance writer and after much hard work got their first publication. About 34% people in the United States work as self-employed individuals and other countries in top freelancing average are India, Pakistan, Ukraine, and United Kingdom.

Tips for freelance education writers

If you have started working as an education writer and need some career advancement tips then this article will suit you well. With the advancements in technology, it is easier for homemakers, students, unemployed people, and people not satisfied with their current jobs to start a freelancing career.

  1. Focus on your skill
  2. You are working as an education writer so it is important for you to have a diverse knowledge in this subject and have expertise to offer to your clients. It is good to have versatility in your writing because different employers will need different style of writing and you need to match the requirements for each.

  3. Set a daily word count
  4. There would be days when you do not have work or a project to work on. In such a situation, you should not stay idle because that might affect your fluency of work. You need to make a habit of writing a few hundred words daily depending upon your capacity.

  5. Know your hourly worth
  6. You are the best judge for yourself and understand the value for your one-week of work or one hour of writing. Set a reasonable rate depending upon this hourly worth.

  7. Improve your writing using online tools
  8. Use the tools and technologies on the internet to improve your writing and vocabulary. You can choose some sites that teach you on how to be a better education writer.

  9. Read a lot
  10. There is no shortcut to success, you need to write, rewrite and read a lot if you want to be a successful writer.

  11. Stay consistent

  12. Never commit something you cannot complete

Freelance Hints

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