How To Find A Well-Paid Political Freelance Writing Position

Working as a freelance writer doesn’t always bring in a lot of money. That’s why experienced writers decide to find a narrow niche where they’ll be able to earn as much money as they really deserve. One of such niches can be political writing. If you have a degree in political science and see yourself as a political writer in the future, but don’t know where to start, you’re welcome to read the useful tips given in this article.

  • Improve your writing skills.
  • In order to be a good political freelance writer you should have both understanding of politics and proper writing skills. That’s why it’s advisable to attend some writing courses to improve your skills in this particular field. Afterwards, you may write a few articles on a voluntary basis to start your portfolio.

  • Create your website.
  • It would be very useful to create your own website or blog. It’s a perfect instrument to store your work and show it to potential clients. You may leave your contact information there so that everyone who liked your articles can address you personally and hire you. You should post not only your work, but also some important political news with your professional comments. This will help you attract potential clients and show your level of professionalism.

  • Do some cold calling and cold emailing.
  • Make a list of publishers with whom you’d like to work. Find their telephone numbers and call them offering your services. Don’t be afraid if they reject you or don’t give a positive response immediately. You can also email publishers if you don’t have their telephone numbers for some reason. Make every email as personal as possible. In this way your potential client will see that you are familiar with the publication and that your intentions are serious.

  • Use social networks.
  • Nowadays, social networks are the main sources for people to learn new information. To increase your chance of being noticed by potential clients, it’s advisable to join social networking communities related to politics and share your works there. Every article should have a link to your website.

  • Look for clients on job boards.
  • The most common way for a freelance writer to find a job is to search for it on job boards. These sites contain lots of vacancies and orders for various professions. Political writing isn’t an exception, so don’t miss this opportunity. There’s a chance that you’ll get in touch with some online publication that will take you on for a permanent well paid job.

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