How Not To Get Scammed While Looking For A Freelance Writing Job

When looking for jobs, freelance writers often use various job boards. While, on the one hand, such websites might provide you with profitable writing gigs, on the other hand, you may also be scammed. Obviously, not getting money for your wasted time and efforts isn’t a positive experience. If you don’t want to fall prey to scammers on your way to success, you should look at the recommendations below.

  1. Find background information.
  2. If a job offer that you want to take lists the name of a company, you should look for some background information about this company. If an organization is reliable, you’re likely to find its well-designed website, positive reviews of a company’s customers and other writers. If your potential employer is some person, there should be an opportunity to talk to them on the phone.

    Avoid giving your personal information.

    Some freelance writing job offers require you to give your detailed personal information. This is acceptable when an ad contains the true identity of an employer and their contacts that you may check. However, it’s highly recommended not to reveal your identity and address to people who hide similar details about themselves from you.

  3. Don’t work without payment.
  4. If an employer asks you to prove your professional level by writing a sample article on a particular topic within a strict deadline for free, there is almost 100% that this employer is a scammer. You won’t get any answer after submitting your work to them. Reliable companies ask to provide them with samples on general topics and give freelance writers much time to complete their work.

  5. Pay attention to the job details.
  6. Professional and reliable employers list all the details related to their job offers. These details include the type of work, payment policy, professional level of needed writers, and so on. If the description of a job is rather vague, you should be very careful.

  7. Don’t be fooled by unrealistic payments.
  8. Some scammers attract freelance writers by stating very high payments. If you look at the payment and think that it looks too high to be true, you’re probably right. Avoid such ads and look for something more realistic.

  9. Avoid offers with bad grammar.
  10. Writing job offers posted by professional organizations and reliable employers are well-written and formatted. If you notice one or even several grammar mistakes in the ad, the person who wrote it is probably unreliable. You should also be careful with ads written in all caps.

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