Searching For A Sustainable Freelance Part-Time Grant Writing Job

There are thousands and thousands of grants to be had every single year. Teachers, students, poets, scientists, researchers and hundreds of other people can apply for private, public, local government, state government, and countrywide monies. Therefore, the market for qualified writers is large if you know where to look for the work.

Where to Look

  • Set up a web page-start the process with setting up a page, which states your qualifications. Make sure that your SEO direction is geared toward getting the correct hits from prospective customers. If you set the page up properly, the clients will come to you and you will not have to search for the part-time grant writing jobs. You can also place some online ads that have contact information for potential customers.

  • College bulletin boards-because so many grants are offered to college students and to college professors, you would be smart to advertise all over campus. Again, the clients will come to you and you will not have to search for work and can focus on writing.

  • Writing Companies-if you just want to write and do not have time to search for the work, then you might want to consider joining a writing business as a part-time employee. You can build a profile that shows your work samples, references, and qualifications. Make sure to describe the qualities that make you the best choice for writing the work; and always price the job fairly.

  • Writing and cultural group websites-since there are grants offered for most of the fine arts fields, then you might want to consider a group which focuses on those areas. Additionally, many grants are directed toward researchers and scientists so you could also join one of those groups. Since you will not want to join every group in town, then you may want to select one or two areas, which you are considered an expert and focus on writing this work.

There are millions of grants offered every year. If you have strength in a particular field then you may make a great part-time writer. You can find jobs by setting up a web page, looking at colleges, going to work for a writing company, or joining a cultural or scientific group. By using some of these tactics, you will discover that the clients come to you, and you will have more time to focus on writing.

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