How To Get Paid For Freelance Songs Writing: Useful Advice For Beginners

Introduction of the Internet allowed songwriting to move to another level. Due to freelance songwriting you may find clients even from other countries and sell them your songs. However, it’s not easy to build a successful career in this field. You should have certain talents and skills. Read this article to learn what you need to become a successful freelance songwriter.

  1. Develop your musical skills.
  2. If you’ve decided to be a songwriter, you have particular music talents. However, this is not enough. You should improve your skills. Learn to sing and play at least one musical instrument. In this way you’ll be able to test your songs personally. Also, personal performance is a good way to demonstrate your songs to potential clients. You may record videos or demo tracks without any help.

  3. Improve your writing skills.
  4. To create good lyrics you should have excellent writing and poetical skills. Attend some writing courses and read books about poetry and lyric writing. Good writing skills will also be useful when communicating with clients via email. It’s always good to have your literacy on a high level when talking business.

  5. Study music theory.
  6. In order to write songs of good quality and be able to work with different genres, you should study music theory as well as some other subjects. In this case you’ll learn to create good compositions and make different arrangements for your songs. Also, you’ll know more about the music industry in general.

  7. Create a professional website.
  8. Your own website will help you a lot. Write your small biography and point out what services you offer. This is also a place where you may showcase your songs to potential clients. However, make sure to copyright your songs before you let everyone listen to them. There are many plagiarists across the Internet who may steal your songs in a blink of an eye.

  9. Join songwriters associations.
  10. It’s advisable to join such organizations. They’ll provide you with advice and useful information. Also, they may protect your interests when it comes to copyright and other issues.

  11. Contact potential clients.
  12. Make a list of artists, record companies or music publishers with which you’d like to work. Call them on the phone or send emails offering your services. Make sure to give links to your site in your letters.

These tips will help you start a career of a freelance songwriter. If you follow them, you’ll get well paid job offers very soon.

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