Freelance Grant Writing Rates: A Tutorial For Starters

Grant writing is quite an interesting task to do. The good things are

  1. You know you are writing something that will eventually help the community and non-profit organizations
  2. You will receive payment for what you write
  3. Writing is already your passion and you do not have to go out of the way to create a grant

Despite the fact that freelance writers earn a good living by writing grants for community organizations and finance departments, there is still a chance you receive no or very less payment if you are a beginner. The most important thing for you to have is a great portfolio to demonstrate your writing skills and capabilities in order to convince potential clients. No one will be likely to pay you for writing a grant if you do not have an experience in this field. You need to have a sound profile, good reputation and a great portfolio to convince people to hire you. If you do not have grant proposals in your portfolio, you can still manage by uploading dissertations, thesis, research papers and term paper that you wrote for your academic career. This will help the readers understand whether you match their requirements or not.

Another good idea for starters is to work for a small non-profit organization in your area. You can ask them to give you the necessary details to compose their grant. This will be a win-win situation for both you and the organization. They will receive a unique grant suiting their organization while you will gain experience and have something to add in your portfolio. If this goes out well, you can approach other organizations and offer the same deal to them. Eventually you will get better at this and receive payment for what you do.

If you want to write for a well-known organization then you should pick one in your area. This is easy because you will have enough information about them and their policies. In the beginning, you might not have the chance to interview their members and directors or have access to their records. However, you can create a general grant by discussing what you already know and can gather with a little research. If a potential client reads this grant in your portfolio, he will know that you have a good understanding of what you are doing and will be ready to pay you for writing his grant.

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