How To Find A Job At A Freelance Writer Website Without Getting Scammed

In a perfect world, writers would not have to worry about getting scammed. They would sign a contract, perform the job and get paid. Unfortunately, there are some clients online that refuse to pay for completed work. In some cases, the client may even convince the writer to spend money. To avoid getting scammed by clients, writers should follow these tips.

Unfulfilled Promises

It might not technically be a scam, but this is one of the most common ways that writers are exploited. After the writer submits a bid, the client will ask for a lower rate. They will say that they have a low budget for now, but long-term work is available. Often, they will promise an increase in pay at a later date. For the majority of these clients, increased pay rates will never materialize. If a client promises long-term work and a low pay rate, there is an excellent chance that the writer will end up doing in-depth articles at a fraction of their normal rate.

Check the Contract

Another variation of this problem is when the client changes the payment amount. The writer submits a bid that is accepted and immediately starts to work. Without realizing it, the writer signs a contract for a lower price than they originally agreed to. In some cases, tricky clients will try to make verbal agreements about the price. Unsurprisingly, these clients later remember the agreed upon price incorrectly.

Writers who use escrow accounts should never begin a project before the work is funded. A questionable client will generally say that they need the project completed immediately. The trusting, naïve writer completes the project and turns it in. As soon as the project is turned in, the writer never hears from the client again. To prevent this from occurring, writers should always wait for escrow to be funded before they start writing.

Get Upfront Payments

One of the main problem with online clients is payment. A client can easily make a profile on a freelance site and find writers. This type of client will hire a bunch of writers immediately to complete the work. As soon as the work is turned in, the client runs off and does not pay their tab. Weeks later, they create a new profile and repeat the same scenario. To prevent this from happening, writers can demand an upfront payment of 25 to 50 percent before they start the work. Once they have worked with the client for several months, they can waive the upfront payment.

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