In Search Of Freelance Sports Writing Jobs: Useful Instructions

There are thousands of sports publications online and in print. All of these places need writers. Some of them have an open submission policy that is great for the sports freelance writer. If you are not quite sure where to look for these stories on athletes, games, and standings, use out handy list of suggestions by freelance writing agency.

Places to Go When Seeking Sports Writing Jobs

  • Local publications-any time you are trying to break into a market, start with the local groups and publications. If you know someone there, you may already have your foot in the door. You can then offer to cover some of the stories and athlete special interest features.

  • Little League-Little League is big business. Most all of the games and especially the big tournaments have reporters covering the event. You should look at the different sites and contact the people in charge of assigning the media. Make sure you have your writing samples ready.

  • Online-you can go to one of the thousands of online sites for the industry or you can go online and join a third party freelance agency. You can hunt for the jobs in your fields of interest at the site. And if you list all of your qualifications, some people may come to you with a job offer or two. The more people that come to you, the less time you have to search. Additionally, with the online service you will never have to worry about chasing or asking for your payment.

  • High School events-in some communities high school sporting events rule. If you can cover those events, there will be a market for your pieces. You can also try to sell the stories to some of the schools that have media to publish such as school brochures. The more often you work with the schools, the better the teams, athletic directors, and media people will know you. If you have a local college, you can also try to work for them.

Make sure that you have a resume, samples of your work, and references ready. You also need to have your fees and contact information available. Many writers who work for pay have set up a website that features them and their work. Being accessible when someone performs an online search is a way to get all kinds of freelance jobs.

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