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Freelance academic writing seems to be a great opportunity for those people who have no desire to work in offices a boss. Being a freelancer means being your own boss with the freedom to decide what you want to do and what you would rather turn down. Freelance academic writing is really one of the most favorable options for self-employment, but if you want to find a well-paid job, you need to remember several major points.

  • Think like an average customer.
  • Imagine that you are a customer who has to choose one among numerous available freelance writers who are ready to complete practically any request. Which factors would you consider, when evaluating these writers? In most cases, customers choose writers who look the most professional, have the best samples of work and set the lowest prices. Keep these factors in mind when building up your reputation and image.

  • Demonstrate your samples correctly.
  • If you are into working as an individual writer, you definitely need to provide several samples of your works to let customers evaluate the quality of your writing. Since academic papers are very meaningful for your customers, you need to understand that they tend to be very picky when hiring a freelance writer. So, you need to build up a worthwhile portfolio at a special website where all texts go through manual moderation with relevant evaluation of their quality. Showing your best sides as a professional will help you earn more as an individual writer.

  • Search for orders.
  • If you don’t mind working on a team, you can offer your services to resources that work as teams of professional academic writers. Your previously created portfolio will be a valuable factor that can influence their desire to hire you. Of course, working for such a team means higher incomes, more requests from customers and a wider field for self-perfection in the area of academic writing.

  • Remember about your goals.
  • Continuing to think as a customer, you will understand that your main goal is not simply to write a certain text. You are here to help a person, to achieve a particular goal with the help of a text. That’s why you should be ready to keep on learning and improving your writing skills, to catch up with all the newest tendencies and styles of academic writing, etc. The more you focus on self-perfection, the better the quality of your work will be, and the more money you will receive for your texts.

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