Where To Search For Non-Profit Jobs For Freelance Writers

The non-profit sector provides plenty of writing opportunities for freelancers wanting to bring their skills to organizations that stand for causes they support. It’s a mistake to think that working for a non-profit means you will not get paid; non-profits can offer very competitive wages to the most talented skilled freelancers out there. Here are some things you should know about searching for a good opportunity that pays well:

Identify causes you support

Working at a not for profit organization can have many personal benefits. On top of getting a number of challenging writing assignments that help you fine tune your skills and abilities, you’ll also get to work with causes you like. Spend time creating a list of some causes you support. This is a starting point for zeroing in on selecting an organization that will bring you the most satisfaction.

Do online keyword searches

Take your list of causes and conduct some basic online keyword searches. Be sure to use the term “non-profit” to filter your results. Copy down contact information and request a contact name or address for a person you can reach to discuss opportunities. Remember that these organizations are usually looking for all the help they can get and are therefore a lot more accessible than other businesses.

Submit samples with a query letter

When you have acquired the correct contact information you can work on submitting your official application. In addition to selecting top notch writing samples you’ll want to write a targeted query letter explaining your skills, experience and reasons for wanting to work at a specific organization. Generic letters won’t cut it, so be sure you identify the key values or ideologies of an organization to improve your chances of getting noticed.

Create a profile expressing your interest

Don’t forget to make yourself available to prospective clients. Creating an appealing profile will attract potential writing opportunities. And if you leverage the right keywords you can attract the causes you identified in your list. Use your profile to list your passions and interests. Pretty soon you’ll have organizations wanting to know more about you.

Stay connected with clients

Lastly, stay connected with past clients, particularly those that asked you to do some work related to the kind of non-profit you would like to join. Networking is extremely important in freelancing and often brings lots of rewards. Staying connect will keep you in your clients’ minds when they hear about an opportunity that opens up.

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