How To Get Freelance Writing Jobs: A Simple Guide For Beginners

Getting freelance writing jobs is simple, but you need to define which opportunities you want and establish goals to help you get started. Freelance writing may be a struggle in the beginning when dealing with multiple rejections, but a plan in place can help you keep moving forward in obtaining writing jobs to keep you busy long term. For the most part, it is how you view your opportunity and where you want to go with it. Here are several points freelance writers can review when starting off as beginner.

  • What do you like writing about? When starting off as a freelance writer it helps to have an idea of what you like and dislike. Your like’s help you find work you will enjoy but also find meaningful. You are likely to have experience clients will find useful. This also gives insight on markets you can tap into and have an idea of level of demand for such content.

  • Make a list of useful freelance writing sources offering tips and leads on writing jobs. There are writing sources you can refer to on a regular basis including book publications, writing blogs, job lead sites for telecommuters and social media pages and groups for writers. These sources offer great insight on how to find work and how to avoid getting scammed.

  • Develop a portfolio with your best writing samples. A great tool freelance writers rely on is a quality portfolio with good writing samples. This helps clients know why they should hire you and gives an idea of your work history and experience. Such content helps clients understand your writing style. You can also have a personal website that acts as your online portfolio; just be sure to have contact information and current content.

  • Have proposals ready to use to help you pitch potential clients. Proposals will include a cover letter and writing samples. This basically helps you apply for specific jobs. Freelance writers may have different proposals based on the job position they are applying for. There are templates and tips available through telecommuting sites and books for writers for more insight.

  • Be versatile with writing jobs and your skills to improve chances of landing a job or gig. It is good to be passionate about a topic or subject, but limiting yourself to a just a couple of genres could make it more difficult to land a writing job.

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