Where To Look For Freelance Part-Time Writing Jobs From Home

You are looking to start making money from one of your favorite hobbies. Writing is no longer something you only do for your own pleasure: it is a money maker if you do it right! Now may not be the moment to go into this as a full-time job. You can easily start by doing writing for pay a couple of hours every day. There are gigs out there and you simply need to find them. Here are some places to look.

  1. Writing Journals and Magazines. These have posting for freelance jobs and they are assignment based. You can find possibilities for content work or essays on various topics by going through the pages.

  2. Internet Search. Type the right combination of words into the search engine and see what you come up with. This is without a doubt the easiest way to find part-time jobs using your writing skills. A word of advice is not to stop at the bottom of the first page. You may uncover the dream job waiting for you on page two or three of the search results.

  3. Check out the Job Boards. and have posting for writing jobs and you can easily source one. Make it part of your daily routine to check these sources for part-time income.

  4. Enroll on a Freelance Site. and Elance are primary sources for writing jobs and these are not limited to one area. You can do web content, blogs, ghost writing, eBooks, and white papers by bidding on open positions. Make sure that you have a high quality portfolio from which you can draw samples. Competition is global and so are the clients. Don’t be afraid to work for someone who happens to live in Cyprus or London. Having Skype capability is going to help you.

This is all the start of something which can get bigger. You want to be your own boss one day and part-time assignments is the best way to start out on the path. Don’t let the competition stop you. Like it or not, you will have rivals bidding on writing gigs and you have to expect that. You should not think your writing is inferior to anyone. It is true the first few assignments might be few and far between. Yet, over time the volume builds and before you know it you have a list of clients. Nothing comes from nothing and you should at least try for some of these jobs. It can be the way you finally leave that boring work cubicle permanently.

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