Top Paying Freelance Writing Jobs: 10 Suggestions For Starters

Thinking of starting a career as a freelance writer? Don’t know where to start? Don’t panic! You are not the first person to be attracted by the sort of career that gives you plenty of flexibility but still gets food on the table, and you’re certainly not the first to not have clue where to start looking for the best paying work. Listed below are ten excellent suggestions for where to start looking.

  1. Start with a great portfolio
  2. It is essential that, before you begin searching for work, you have a great portfolio and C.V. You’re not going to get the best paying jobs if you can’t prove that you deserve these sorts of jobs! Work on completing your freelance profile before anything else.

  3. Take advice
  4. If you have any friends who are or who have also been freelance writers, make sure you ask their advice: they will have plenty of it and will be happy to share their wisdom!

  5. Don’t ignore the worse-paying jobs
  6. Although it can be tempting just to go for the work that offers the best money, it is worth getting a few not-so-well-paid assignments under your belt. This way you will start to build your portfolio and your experience.

  7. Haggle!
  8. If you think a price is unfair, haggle with a client! If they don’t budge, you don’t have to take the assignment!

  9. Search around
  10. Don’t just go to one site or one search engine. Look around to that you get an idea of the sort of payments that are out there and assess where you’re going to get the best range of offers.

  11. Go directly to source
  12. Some of the best freelance writing work is not advertised on work sites or Google. Go straight to the sort of people you want to work for and ask whether they have anything for you. The worst they can say is ‘no’!

  13. Don’t undersell your skills
  14. If you have a great portfolio and C.V., don’t be afraid to go for the sort of work that pays more. The best case scenario is work, lots of money and some excellent experience!

  15. Do not accept work without payment guarantee
  16. Some of the best paying jobs out there are scams, so you need to be careful. Make sure the client is trusted and, if possible, get a deposit paid.

  17. Don’t bite off more than you can chew
  18. Do fewer jobs well, not more jobs badly! The better you perform the more valuable you will be.

  19. Have fun!
  20. The most important part of this whole process is that you feel happy, so take the sort of work that make you feel that way!

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