How to Get Well-Paid Freelance Story Writing Jobs

If you write fiction for a living, you would probably be interested in where to find some proper freelance markets to sell your work. Many clients strive to find good quality work, and the job of the market is to make sure that an author and an editor meet each other. Sometimes you can’t find anything worthwhile, no matter how hard you look, or the reward you are offered is close to nonexistent. Sometimes you don’t even receive an answer at all. Why does that happen, and where you can possibly find a well-paid freelance job?

  1. Solve your problems.
  2. Many editors won’t waste their time reading a story. If your pitch is badly done, or has many grammar, syntax or other mistakes, it would probably end up in a trash bin. This can be solved through self-improvement techniques like spending some time repeating grammar rules or doing some exercises to improve your writing skills. Remember that success requires investment. Also, it is very important to be a good manager and commercial specialist. You’ll have to promote your work and search for markets and editors willing to buy it.

  3. Make an easy start.
  4. Don’t rush in guns a-blazing. Keep in mind, that you are not the only one smart and gifted enough to try earning money by freelancing. A good saying tells us that “Slow and steady wins the race”. You’ll probably start by writing short, badly-paid stories, which you’ll eventually hate, but that’s the price of reaching the top. Try to do your work well and get positive feedback from your clients. Set up your personal site, blog or at least a social network page that will be a bridge between you and society.

  5. Learn to search.
  6. Not only will it help you to improve your research ability (which is needed to write something decent), but it will also develop the valuable skill of filtering decent offers out of the tons of trash in the market. Searching on the Web is really an art that takes some time to learn. As a freelancer, you should keep that skill razor-sharp.

  7. Let your imagination go.
  8. Imagination is crucial, if you are a story writer. Imagining a situation, characters and their interactions as well as other tiny details is probably the most important quality that a freelance story writer should possess. Think of your imagination as a little beast you have to take care of. So don’t forget to feed it!

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