How A Freelance Writer's Portfolio Should Look Like

Why should a freelance writer must have a presence on social media or the web?

  • A freelance writer should have a good website set-up to display their work and job experience.
  • A website will give a freelance writer the exposure they need to get work and new clients.
  • Part of being a freelance writer is writing material for others and involves the computer and internet.
  • A freelance writer should have a presence on social media to stay current and present.
  • A freelance writer should use social media and the web as a good marketing tool to grow their business, get exposure, and more clientele.

What information should be on a website for a freelance writer?

  • The writer should include contact information for clients to get in touch with them.
  • The website should have a tool where clients can leave their work assignments and the writer can return completed work to the client.
  • The freelance writer should include the following information on their website:
    1. The contact information.
    2. Samples of one’s work.
    3. Testimonies and recommendations of previous clients and current clients.
    4. Credentials of the freelance writer.
    5. Biography of the freelance writer.
    6. Education of the freelance writer.
    7. Work experience and work history of the writer.
    8. Daily blogs written by the freelance writer.
    9. Special offers for past clients, current clients, and future clients.
    10. The website should bring out the character of the freelance writer.
  • The website should be beautifully set-up and relays the personal character of the freelance writer.
  • The website must have good, reliable, and meaningful content.

Here are a few tips on having a good portfolio on a freelance writer’s website:

  • Tip #1: Ensure to have a good photo of yourself for your website.
  • Tip #2: Should have a professional photographer take the photos for your website.  If cannot afford a professional photographer can always get an intern who is studying photography to take the photos.
  • Tip #3: Get a professional web developer to design your business website.  But, you do not have to spend a lot of money for a web developer.
  • Tip#4: Ensure to include some background information about your work experience and past assignments as a freelance writer.
  • Tip#5: The freelance writer must ensure to keep their web content up to date and current.
  • Tip#6: The freelance writer must always maintain a presence on their website.
  • Tip#7: If need be, the freelance writer should hire a professional virtual assistant with maintaining their website and social media presence.

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